Alessandro Benvenuti is among the Italian guitarists that have provoked most noise worldwide. His solo CD titled Sonic_Design, has received wide acclaim from international critics , and is still considered a "must have" within Rock Fusion comunity worldwide. Sonic_Design also feautures the legendary Frank Gambale (winner of a Grammy Award) and the amazing Prashant Aswani (Justin Timberlake, Cristina Milian). Alessandro also recorded J.A.M. for Liquid Note Records UK (a 3-guitar fusion fest with Milan Polak and Joel Rivard). Alessandro is currently workin on his second solo album. Other exciting projects will be released very soon: a new CD with Sonic Flyers (Jazz Rock trio with Lorenzo Feliciati and Armando Croce), and the long awaited debut album from Alessandro's progressive rock band: Alter Ego.


Studio sessions :

In addition to his live performance and instructional skills Alessandro is also experienced session player. He works at Circe Digital Studios, Blue Lab Studios, and Rodgers Digital Studios.
Alessandro can be heard on the following CDs:

-Raw with INCOGNITO's singer Joy Malcolm (a dance project published in Europe by Oxid Records).
-Alex Argento's solo album (also featuring Marco Sfogli and Fabrizio Leo).
-Dino Fiorenza's debut album (also featuring Jennifer Batten, Dave Martone, Prashant Aswani).
-Koji Tsumoto's Kinu Michi 2nd (also featuring Jon Finn) .
- Psychosnic (a compilation CD featuring Alessandro with his band Alter Ego, Judas Priest, Stratovarious, Hammerfall, and Napalm Death. ).
-Alter Ego's Night Pieces ( Dracma Records) .


Great clamor aroused his performance at the Guitar Day in Milan , where he shared the stage with the world famous Andy Timmons. Since that exhibition Andy Timmons has repeatedly called on stage Alessandro during several dates of his Italian tours. In Rome, he performed a concert in duo with world famous guitarist Greg Howe (Michael Jackson , Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias).He has performed several times at NAMM in Los Angeles, for Peavey USA , and conducts clinics throughout Italy for the Mesa Boogie . In 1996 has staged version of the musical The Phantom of the Rock Opera by Andrew Lloyd Weber, in his capacity as arranger and performer with his band Alter Ego , performing in some of the most prestigious Italian theaters. He has performed on several times at the Foro Italico (Rome Stadium) during the Roma Estate event , which was also attended by Jethro Tull , Mark Knophler , Tommy Emanuel , Popa Chubby , Ronnie James Dio and many others. In 2002 he performed in Rome (Alpheus) , in the company of Tony MacAlpine and Steve Vai Band. It 's appeared in the TV Show , Speciale Pop on Rai2 (the main national channel).

Education :

Public educational categories in the magazine for guitarists AXE Magazine, which has worked since 1996. He was a member of the teaching staff of Guitar C.A.P., and is currently part of the teaching staff of Total Shred Guitar School in Rome. Alessandro, conducts clinics on advanced technique and improvvisation all olver Italy.

Endorsement :

Alessandro is proudly endorsed by the following fine companies: Ibanez Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amps and Di Marzio Pickups.

Selected Pubblications:

Articles about Alessandro Benvenuti are present on national and international printed magazines such as: Jazzwise Magazine , England Music Bottom Line, USA Metal Hammer , Germany Young Guitar, Japan X -Music , China Rock On(Greece), IO Pages ( Netherlands), Chitarre Magazine, Axe Magazine, Metal Shock, Flash, Psycho.

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